About us

Your forging expert in Austria

Kühr your Forging Expert!

For generations Kühr is known for its sophisticated forgings. We started as a pure forging company in 1945 and extended our portfolio to machined parts with surface treatment and sub-assemblies. This allowed us to improve on client base and to ship our products worldwide to distinct industries, ranging from medical implants to parts for racing or consumer electronics. We are specialized in small and medium lot-sizes for forgings from aluminium, copper, brass or titanium. We are happy to integrate fully into your supply chain and adapt to your special needs. We are sure, that we can together improve on your ideas for a reliable and economic product.

Our values


The Kühr Handshake

One partner – one Location – maximum reliability and flexibility and speed, this is what the company Kühr is known for.


Know-How as central philosophy

Over 75 years of experience with different materials and different industries allowed us to build a very diverse knowledge base. By combining reliable and trusted solutions from different applications we can distinguish ourselves from other suppliers that are specialized on certain products or materials. A flexible but highly automated production, allows us to supply clever but competitive solutions for your demands.


Efficiency by Quality

Looking ahead, working efficient and one time and with minimal waste are our main principles.

In-house tooling, efficient material handling, flexible machinery and a highly qualified workforce translate to our success in an ever changing and very competitive global market.

Our clients