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Your forging expert in Austria

Kühr your Forging Expert!

For gener­a­tions Kühr is known for its soph­ist­ic­ated forgings. We started as a pure forging company in 1945 and extended our port­folio to machined parts with surface treat­ment and sub-assem­blies. This allowed us to improve on client base and to ship our products world­wide to distinct indus­tries, ranging from medical implants to parts for racing or consumer elec­tronics. We are special­ized in small and medium lot-sizes for forgings from aluminium, copper, brass or titanium. We are happy to integ­rate fully into your supply chain and adapt to your special needs. We are sure, that we can together improve on your ideas for a reli­able and economic product.

Our values


The Kühr Handshake

One partner – one Loca­tion – maximum reli­ab­ility and flex­ib­ility and speed, this is what the company Kühr is known for.


Know-How as central philosophy

Over 75 years of exper­i­ence with different mater­ials and different indus­tries allowed us to build a very diverse know­ledge base. By combining reli­able and trusted solu­tions from different applic­a­tions we can distin­guish ourselves from other suppliers that are special­ized on certain products or mater­ials. A flex­ible but highly auto­mated produc­tion, allows us to supply clever but compet­itive solu­tions for your demands.


Effi­ciency by Quality

Looking ahead, working effi­cient and one time and with minimal waste are our main principles.

In-house tooling, effi­cient material hand­ling, flex­ible machinery and a highly qual­i­fied work­force trans­late to our success in an ever chan­ging and very compet­itive global market.

Our clients