FEM Simulation - Kühr GmbH

Each requirement of a product or customer asks for an individual solution. Our long term gathered Know-How in different industries and with different materials a allows us to support our customers individually from the beginning of the process. Our knowledge with different materials and industries sets us apart from our competitors that are often focused on one material/product mix or their variants. We can combine our knowledge and apply trusted and reliable solutions from related fields to new areas and products. When providing a solution for a forging, we always consider the following processes as well. Our raw parts are optimized for further handling and with special focus on automation, waste and optical requirements.

This sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Know-How with more than one material class. We can provide alternatives.
  • We are successful in different industries, and can transfer best practices to new areas.
  • We always consider the complete process. Follow-up processes are optimized to your advantage.
  • Instant feedback-cycles. As soon as the first OK raw part leaves the forge, we can start sampling of machined parts in-house.
  • We love challenges! Our remarkable parts and clever solutions show our effort.