FEM Simulation - Kühr GmbH

Each require­ment of a product or customer asks for an indi­vidual solu­tion. Our long term gathered Know-How in different indus­tries and with different mater­ials a allows us to support our customers indi­vidu­ally from the begin­ning of the process. Our know­ledge with different mater­ials and indus­tries sets us apart from our compet­itors that are often focused on one material/product mix or their vari­ants. We can combine our know­ledge and apply trusted and reli­able solu­tions from related fields to new areas and products. When providing a solu­tion for a forging, we always consider the following processes as well. Our raw parts are optim­ized for further hand­ling and with special focus on auto­ma­tion, waste and optical requirements.

This sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Know-How with more than one material class. We can provide alternatives.
  • We are successful in different indus­tries, and can transfer best prac­tices to new areas.
  • We always consider the complete process. Follow-up processes are optim­ized to your advantage.
  • Instant feed­back-cycles. As soon as the first OK raw part leaves the forge, we can start sampling of machined parts in-house.
  • We love chal­lenges! Our remark­able parts and clever solu­tions show our effort.