Schmiedeteil - Kühr GmbH


Our screw presses range from 270 tons up to 1200 tons of forming capa­city. This line of hot forging equip­ment is supple­mented by mech­an­ical presses for trim­ming and punching. Multiple furnaces at each hot forging line allow for the right heating depending on the chosen alloy. We have to empathize our special focus on indi­vidual furnaces for each material. This sets us apart to other forges. Implant grade Titanium is only heated in a dedic­ated furnace. We have other dedic­ated furnaces for aluminium and copper alloys, some­times multiple at one forging line. Very sens­ible aluminium alloys are only heated by air and are not allowed to be blasted directly by gas jets. This allows us to heat the parts to exact temper­at­ures with minimal devi­ations and minimal risks due to over­heating due to errors in the produc­tion process.
We can handle parts from 10g up to 20kg. For suit­able lotsizes we can use auto­matic hand­ling systems.
A fully auto­matic heat-treat­ment of the forgings finishes the process of the raw part.

Advant­ages forging:

  • Less risk for leakage
  • gas-proof require­ment
  • Less rework for decor­ative parts
  • Lower scrap due to no bubbles/cavities
  • Higher material strength for high-perform­ance parts
  • More/different design options
  • High-pres­sure die casting tools to expensive
  • Reduced part cost compared to die casting
  • Some­times dies can be mixed and combined to forge variations

Our advant­ages:

  • Dedic­ated and special­ized furnaces for each material
  • Air-Heating of sens­ible parts only. This allows stable processes for aluminium alloys that have a high risk of failure when overheating.
  • Multiple furnaces per forging line for more flexibility
  • Sub-presses that allow hollow areas not in forging direction
  • Lean processes and a skilled oper­ator team

Vergleich der Umformtechnologien

ForgingHigh-pres­sure castingDie castingSand casting
PorosityVery goodGoodNeutralNot good
Material strengthVery goodGoodNeutralNot good
Tooling costsNeutralVery highNeutralLow
Preci­sionGoodVery goodGoodLow
Reworking of toolEasyHardly possiblePossibleVery easy
Lotsizes>500High lotsizes needed>500>1
Surface qualityVery goodVery good / GoodNeutralVery bad
Part costLowVery LowLowHigh