CNC Bearbeitung - Kühr GmbH


Over 20 CNC Machines allow for most of the relevant machining of the raw parts in-house. We have chosen a very broad strategy concerning our invest­ment in new CNC machinery. We can do 5‑axis machining as well as high-lot sizes on our fully auto­mated trans­fer­ma­chines. We se it as a chal­lenge to invest in the new tech­no­logy and asses new strategies for produc­tion of new and old products. One of our main goals is a manless lights-out produc­tion. Addi­tional focus is set on zero waste due to errors and quality issues. Relevant processes are monitored live, to allow for fast response times. Our processes allow for manless produc­tion starting at 250 pieces lot-sizes. From Forging to finished part in one 100% auto­mated process with included n‑process quality checks, that’s how we love to work.

Our advant­ages

  • Clever machining strategies start at the design of the forging. This Is our daily work and allows us to set us apport from our compet­itors. Our high-level of auto­ma­tion is a result of this philosophy.
  • Lights-out produc­tion starting at 250 pieces lotsize
  • From raw part to finished part in one process minim­izes risk of errors
  • In-Process meas­ure­ment to anti­cipate prob­lems and allow for correction
  • We invest in new tech­no­lo­gies to allow for compet­itive manu­fac­turing processes In Europe
  • CNC, heat-treat­ment, blasting, tumbling, printing in house to reduce lead times and cost
  • Reli­able and diverse net of part­ners for plating and other related subcontracting