The correct material for each area of application.


There is a wide range of aluminium alloys that can be hot forged. Depending on your request, we can propose a suit­able material for you. There are alloys with focus on high mech­an­ical prop­er­ties, weld­ab­ility, corro­sion resist­ance or high surface quality after anodization.

Weighing only 1/3 compared to steel, aluminium allows for more flex­ib­ility in part design. Lighter parts result in a reduced inert­ness of fast moving parts and allow for perform­ance advant­ages. Substi­tuting steel by aluminium can solve some prob­lems where the weight budged is at its limit. Gained weight savings by aluminium parts, can then be used In more crit­ical areas.

Compared to steel, more complex and detailed geomet­ries are possible when using aluminium alloys. Multi part assem­blies can some­times be replaced by a more complex single aluminium parts. Near-Net-Shape parts allow substan­tial cost savings.

Kühr standard aluminium alloys with datasheet

Kühr standard aluminium alloys

  • EN AW 6060 (AlMgSi)
  • EN AW 6082 (AlSi1MgMn)
  • EN AW 6182 (AlSi1MgZr)
  • EN AW 7075 (AlZn5,5MgCu)
  • EN AW 7022 (AlZn5Mg3Cu)
  • and many more


Copper is mainly known for its high conduct­ivity. But other prop­er­ties set copper appart. It is anti­mi­cro­bial and highly corro­sion resistant. Pure copper is some­times not suit­able for highly stressed parts. Various copper alloys can address this short­com­ings. All of them can be forged reas­on­ably well to allow for many design options.

Kupfer eignet sich hervor­ra­gend für Copper is ideal for elec­tronic compon­ents and live parts. It can easily be forged so that geomet­ries can be optim­ized to only use the minimum required amount of the precious material.

In case of special require­ments concerning hard­ness or strength, alloys exist that could be heat-treated to reach the required specific­a­tions. Some alloys allow for a drastic increase of standard pure copper properties.

Kühr standard alloys copper

  • CW004A (Cu-ETP)
  • CW008A (Cu-Of)
  • CW111C (CuNi2Si)
  • CW109C (Cuni1Si)
  • CW106C (CuCr1Zr)
  • and many more


Brass has many advant­ages. It can forged and machined excep­tion­ally well to allow for minimal produc­tion costs.

Brass alloys are the best alloys when talking about hot-forging of non-ferrous metals. This allows for very delicate and detailed parts with a high degree of deform­a­tion. Combined with extraordin­arily good cutting prop­er­ties, auto­ma­tion levels and productivity levels when using brass are very high.

There is a wide range of brass alloys. Alloys can be selected depending on mech­an­ical prop­er­ties, corro­sion resist­ance, mach­in­ab­ility or envir­on­mental safety.

Kühr standard alloys brass

  • CW612N (CuZn39Pb2)
  • CW614N (CuZn39Pb3)
  • CW617N (CuZn40Pb2)
  • CW510L (CuZn42)
  • CW713R (CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi)
  • any many more


Titanium is known for its excep­tional strength to weight ratio. This combin­a­tion of “steel-strength” with minimal weight allows it to be the ideal candidate for extreme applic­a­tions. Titanium forgings can be found in areaospace and aviation applic­a­tions as well as in high end racing, sports or medical parts. Besides its good mech­an­ical prop­er­ties, titanium is highly corro­sion resistant. This allows for applic­a­tions where chem­ical products come in contact with parts were steel or other mater­ials are not resistant enough. A better biocom­pat­ib­ility than steel allows titanium to be used in implants for patients with special needs.

Very good mech­an­ical prop­er­ties at minimal weight. Titanium allows for more design options in areas where weight effi­ciency allows to boos perform­ance. Highly stressed parts in aviation, racing or medi­cine are typicaly titanium parts.

The forging of the already expec­tional titanium alloys can further increase its mech­an­ical prop­er­ties. Sens­ible products that are not allowed to fail, are often titanium parts. Forged titanium implants allow for light and reli­able parts with minimal risk for failure.

Kühr standard alloys titanium

  • Titan Grade 5 ELI (Ti6Al4V)
  • more alloys on request