Measures and investments to mitigate the energy crisis


In times of energy-intensive crisis, it is crucial to take measures to mitigate the impact and make the energy supply more sustainable. With a careful consideration of the challenges, we have decided to initiate a series of steps to cushion this energy crisis and invest in a future-proof energy infrastructure.

Firstly, we recognized that efficient production monitoring is essential to optimize energy consumption and identify unexpected high consumers. By monitoring production processes in real-time, we can identify weaknesses and take targeted measures to reduce energy consumption and conserve resources.

Furthermore, we have decided to transition to 100% LED lighting in our office spaces. LEDs are not only more energy-efficient but also have a longer lifespan, leading to a more sustainable lighting solution. Through this investment, we can not only reduce our energy consumption but also create a pleasant working environment that inspires our employees.

Another step we have taken is investing in electric furnaces as an alternative to our existing gas furnaces in the forge. Electric furnaces are not only more environmentally friendly but also provide precise temperature control, resulting in improved energy efficiency. This investment allows us to make our production process more sustainable while reducing CO2 emissions.

Moreover, we have made a significant investment in a 265kWp photovoltaic system to cover a large portion of our self-consumption with renewable energy. The solar energy generated by this system not only helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels but also lowers our operating costs. This investment is a crucial step towards sustainability and a contribution to climate protection.

With these measures and investments, we actively address the energy crisis and make our energy infrastructure more sustainable. We firmly believe that these steps not only have positive impacts on our company but also contribute to protecting our environment. By employing cutting-edge technology and consciously utilizing renewable energy, we are setting an example for a sustainable future.