Mech­an­ical Engineering

Forged parts have many advantages.

Forged parts guar­antee bubble and pore-free surfaces. This is ideal for safety relevant hydraulic applications.

Sealing areas have nearly zero risk including bubbles or pores that can cause leakage. Forged parts allow for complex geomet­ries, while providing high-strength for highly stressed parts. There are weld­able, corro­sion resistant, high strength, or decor­ative alloys that can be forged. We can provide solu­tions from aluminium or can fall back to brass or copper alloys if corro­sion resist­ance, strength or sliding-fric­tion require­ments are of import­ance. Just send us your cast or milled parts, and we can check them for their saving poten­tials when real­ised as a forging.

Use Case

Highly dynamic parts.

Every ounce counts! Aluminium can be a problem solver where steel casting reach their limits.

In this use case a steel part was replaced by a forged part out of a high-strength aluminium alloy. This allowed for a more dynamic part and ulti­mately faster cycle times of the machine that it was part of.