Kühr – the reli­able One-Stop Forge

We accom­pany you from first proto­types to the final product.


The many years of gathered know-how allows us to optimize the use of mater­ials and to respond to the indi­vidual require­ments of our customer at the begin­ning of the design phase.

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Schmiedegesenk - Kühr GmbH


Modern CAD, CAM and FEM soft­ware, as well as an in-house toolshop, allow us to rapidly finish your project or to adapt to changes in the product life cylce.

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Aluminium Schmiedeteile - Kühr GmbH


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CNC Bearbeitung - Kühr GmbH


More than 20 CNC Machines – ranging from 5‑axis to fully auto­mated transfer cells – allow us a nearly complete finishing of the product in-house.

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Quality Manage­ment

Mani­fold meas­uring and test equip­ment as well as a climat­ized meas­uring room, allow a thor­ough inspec­tion of the produced parts.

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