Decor­ative and Design

High quality surfaces as a basis for further processing.

Aluminium forgings distin­guish oneselves by smooth, homo­genous, pore- and bubble-free surfaces. Follow up processes like tumbing or blasting can reduced or completely omitted. Designer have more flex­ib­ility as plated or painted forging are out of the box of a very high surface quality. Optics and haptics of a forging can provide a premium feeling for a customer when choosing a forging for certain products. We know from exper­i­ence, that reaching a certain look of a parts is often more diffi­cult than reaching the mech­an­ical specific­a­tions. Full Know­ledge of all involved processes are of essence. We can support you in finding the right optics of your forging, and are pleased if your product will be a real eye-catcher. We have produced highly aesthetic parts for motor­cycles, consumer elec­tronics, jewelry or medical appli­ances. Heavy or delicate parts, let us show you our possib­il­ities for a shapely and aesthetic forging.

Use Case

Raw process,
delicate part.

Feuerzeug­schalen aus Aluminium. Schmieden muss kein grober Prozess sein. Für unseren Kunden haben wir einen extrem fili­granen Schmiede­teil designt. Mit mCigar­ette lighter from forged aluminium. Forging is a brute force process but can produce very detailed parts. Combined with the right follow-up and surface treat­ment, we can produce parts that are hard to replicate with other manu­fac­turing processes.