Decorative and Design

High quality surfaces as a basis for further processing.

Aluminium forgings distinguish oneselves by smooth, homogenous, pore- and bubble-free surfaces. Follow up processes like tumbing or blasting can reduced or completely omitted. Designer have more flexibility as plated or painted forging are out of the box of a very high surface quality. Optics and haptics of a forging can provide a premium feeling for a customer when choosing a forging for certain products. We know from experience, that reaching a certain look of a parts is often more difficult than reaching the mechanical specifications. Full Knowledge of all involved processes are of essence. We can support you in finding the right optics of your forging, and are pleased if your product will be a real eye-catcher. We have produced highly aesthetic parts for motorcycles, consumer electronics, jewelry or medical appliances. Heavy or delicate parts, let us show you our possibilities for a shapely and aesthetic forging.

Use Case

Raw process,
delicate part.

Feuerzeugschalen aus Aluminium. Schmieden muss kein grober Prozess sein. Für unseren Kunden haben wir einen extrem filigranen Schmiedeteil designt. Mit mCigarette lighter from forged aluminium. Forging is a brute force process but can produce very detailed parts. Combined with the right follow-up and surface treatment, we can produce parts that are hard to replicate with other manufacturing processes.