Schmiedeteil - Kühr GmbH

Energy and Infrastructure

Live parts for high and medium voltage applications.

Im Bereich der strom­führenden Bauteile haben wir uns schon in den 1970er Jahren erfol­greich in Europa plat­zieren können. Unsere Bereit­schaft zur Flex­ib­il­ität und der Drang sich ständig weit­erzuentwickeln hat uns z

We started produ­cing forged inserts for high- and medium voltage applic­a­tions in the 1970s. As one of the first suppliers that can forge Aluminium, Copper, and brass parts we have gained a large customer base in Europe. Our continuous improve­ment of our processes as well as offering complete products like inserts with plating, have made us stra­tegic part­ners for the major players in this indus­tries. We are eager to support in the devel­op­ment of new parts, and can provide fast and flex­ible solu­tions from proto­types to series. Our highly auto­mated produc­tion helps us to stay compet­itive and allows us to produce this usually heavy parts in central Europe. We are also a supplier for certain forged product for the infra­struc­ture industry, like clamps for over­head wires for the railway or subway systems. We are also forging high perform­ance alloys like CuNi or other special copper alloys, and can there­fore provide a complete port­folio for most of our customers.

Use Case

One tool, two different mater­ials. Optim­ized for each requirement.

One of our customers wanted to save costs by produ­cing the high runners with aluminium as base material and only the high end vari­ants should be produced out of copper alloys. As the same and the same produc­tion methods could be used, we could generate substan­tial savings with the added flex­ib­ility of inserting small lot sizes of the high-end variant with minimum effort.