Medical Engin­eering

Focus on — Highly stressed, corro­sion resistant and decor­ative requirements.

The require­ments for medical products are very varied and chal­len­ging. The forging of implants from titanium alloys is espe­cially demanding. Stable and monitored processes are a prerequisite to supply such implants.

As our processes are fit for these products, we can apply the gained know­ledge to other product classes as well. We have done so for products for hospital OP or labor­at­ories. Typic­ally, one must solve the problem of produ­cing safety relevant parts that are highly stressed, corro­sion resistant and have a flaw­less surface. We can take a look at your require­ments and can check if a Forgings might help to over­come certain boundaries.

Use Case

Hydraulic Block for hospital oper­ating table

There is zero toler­ance for failure of hospital equip­ment. Forged parts may provide a solu­tion to gain some addi­tional safety margin. Better mech­an­ical prop­er­ties and higher surface qual­ities compared to cast­ings may help to prevent failure when choosing a forged part. In this case leakage was minim­ized compared to an altern­ative casted part.